There is $23 Billion of unclaimed money sitting
in various Australian government accounts
and people simply don’t know it’s theirs.

Is some of it yours?

Refund Australia is an accredited refund agency dedicated to reuniting you with your unclaimed money with a 100% success track record.

We work with everyday Australians, small businesses, companies, trusts and their beneficiaries to locate money and assets that rightfully belong to them.


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Australia has
$23 Billion dollars
in unclaimed funds.
Only 3% of Australians
have ever claimed
their lost funds.
1 in 3 Australians
have money
owing to them.
95% of Australians have money owing but don’t know how to claim it or that it even exists.
Globally, there is a
staggering $120 Billion
dollars in lost funds.


UMAA Accredited Agents

Let us reunite you with your lost funds. Our agents are trained, registered and accredited with the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia (UMAA) – the peak body for the unclaimed money industry.

100% Refund Record

Our clients are our number one priority and we handle each case efficiently and stress free, whilst upholding the laws of Unclaimed Money Laws in Australia, with a 100% refund track record.

No Upfront Costs or Fees

Refund Australia is 100% risk free.
There are no hidden fees or upfront costs and you only pay a consulting fee upon a successful claim – otherwise our service is completely free, guaranteed.

Every year, millions of dollars end up in the Government Unclaimed Money Trust Accounts waiting to be collected by their rightful owners and only 3% of Australians successfully reclaim it. In fact, most Australians don’t know they have money owing to them.

“Refund Australia helped me reclaim a huge amount of money that we didn’t expect
it was really life changing to me and my entire family!
Thank you Refund Australia for your care and process transparency.”

Ashley, Sydney

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